About Interactive Cards

Interactive cards allow you to send free online cards to anyone in the world in a few easy steps.

2 Options:

1. Standard Card (Free):  Create a personal card with your own background picture and a message of your choice. Enter the recipient’s name and email and it will be sent immediately. The free version uses our Sponsor logo “Prestigious Venues” by default but you can remove this logo or use your own logo if you go for the Premium card (£5).

2. Premium Card (£5): The premium option acts like your own bespoke app. It allows you to personalise the card with your own logo (if you’re an individual and don’t want to include a logo, leave the logo field blank during the card creation process). If you are a company, the Premium option allows you to create up to 3 bespoke pages accessible through the app menu.


How-To Guide:

1. Standard Card (Free) (See sample)

Step 1: Choose the image you want to include in your card. Upload using the ‘Choose file’ button.
Step 2: Add your Christmas message into the text box.
Step 3: Add your details followed by your friend’s details, including the email you want to send the card to.
Step 4: Preview your card using the preview button (this will open in a new window).
Step 5: Press ‘Create card’ and your card will be sent.

Don’t want ads? Want to add more to your card? Create and send a premium card for only £5.

2. Premium Card – £5 (See sample)

Step 1: Select “Create a Premium Card” from the menu. Upload your company logo or any other small image you’d like to display in the footer of the card. NOTE: Logo file size must be less than 300kb
Then upload an image you’d like to display on your card. NOTE: image file size must be less than 500kb. If the image file size is too large, the card will show the default background instead.
Step 2: Add your Christmas message into the text box, add your details or your company’s details, including a first name, last name and email address. Enter your company website or another URL you wish to share (your recipients will be able to click on the logo to access  this URL in your finished card).
Step 3: Add first name, last name and email of the individual you want to send the card to.
Step 4: Add some extra pages to your card. These will display in the side menu of your finished card. This could be company news and updates, or messages from other people to the recipient.
Step 5: Once you have added your pages, preview your card. (Note: you will not be able to see the additional pages until the card has been created. See samples below for information on how they look). When you are happy to send press ‘Create card.’ This will take you to PayPal. Once you’ve paid, your card will be sent to your recipient and you will see a confirmation with a link to the card.

Create AND Send an Interactive Christmas Card


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