Just as important as mobiles and tablets is the way your digital magazine looks from a desktop computer.

Let your readers experience the true beauty of your content with the added space and functionality available in this medium.

Things to consider:

    • ► Visuals should come to life and content should flow, delivering a unique reading experience.


    • ► Rich media including HD images, video and Social Media widgets can be embedded into your publication.


    • ► One click purchase can be added into articles and advertisements providing a seamless journey for consumers and acting as an additional incentive for advertisers to advertise in your magazine.


    • ► Animation can bring movement to images, allowing readers to focus on the small details that might be overlooked in a print magazine or even in a mobile and tablet version.


    • ► Additional features such as pop-ups, customised animation or download functions can also be added to create a truly interactive reading experience and ultimately make your magazine a success.