Instant Share Buttons

Users need to be able to share content directly from your magazine on to their chosen platform. This should include email, Bluetooth, Dropbox, Flipboard and all major social media platforms.

Advertising Opportunities

Advertising can be integrated throughout your magazine. Functionality such as click to purchase, animation and HD imagery should be harnessed.


Always On

Your latest issue should be automatically available without users needing to download or re-subscribe.

Available offline

Offline reading allows users to access your publication and content when they are not connected to wi-fi or 3G.

Device Independent

Your magazine needs to reach users wherever they are and regardless of what device they are using. Major mobile devices including android and iPhone, as well as tablet devices including the iPad and all Android tablets should be catered to.

Socially Savvy

Social Media platforms and accounts should be seamlessly integrated into the magazine content itself and in dedicated sections at the end of the magazine if you have the capacity.

Speaking your Language

Your customers and clients speak multiple languages, how do you reach them all? Think about using solutions that allow viewers to access your content in different languages, such as Google currents.

Easy Linking

Embedded links can instantly take readers to your website, purchase or subscribe pages, drawing attention to the content that you wish to highlight.

Video Integration

Video or other rich content can enhance the reader’s experience and allow you to communicate your messages in a variety of ways.

High-Resolution Images

Users enjoy high-resolution imagery and visuals that bring a magazine to life and offer an enhanced and pleasurable reading experience.

Subscribe Function

Where possible include a subscribe feature that automatically prompts readers to subscribe to your database. This allows you to connect with potential customers and grow your network.

Customised Layout and styling

Ensure your magazine matches your brand guidelines while presenting content in the most user friendly and eye-catching ways.