Mobiles & Tablets

Publishing content on tablet devices

Your content should be accessible across all major mobile platforms. If it isn’t, you risk missing out on reaching your consumers.

A digital magazine needs to feature high quality images and easily legible text that renders at high speed and is available even when the reader is offline. Every device is different and has a different screen size, so think about who you are targeting and what devices your audience uses.

Things to consider:

Publishing content on mobile devices

    • ►  User experience is essential. Provide a clear and accessible menu that allows for fluent navigation of your content.


    • ►  Technology that self-adapts to differently sized mobiles and tablets automatically is available. This allows readers to view your content from any device and negates the need to create content that is device specific, such as an iPhone app.


    • ►  Optimise text content so that it is easily legible from a mobile or tablet.


    • ►  Ensure images are high quality and that they can be enlarged or zoomed into on demand.


    • ►  Your content can be easily shared at the touch of a button and the magazine supports all social media/sharing platforms including FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest and more.


Publishing content on mobile devices